Blade balance and why it's important.

I was having dinner with a chef friend when I came back to Manila after spending some time working in Iligan city. He was telling me about how some chef knives he's used feel very heavy and clunky. Instead of using a chef knife, it felt like he was using an all-metal butter knife to do a bulk of his chopping. The way the knife felt made it difficult to work during an extremely stressful lunchtime kitchen rush. 

The balance of the knife is extremely important to how a knife will perform. 

Too much weight on the handle and the knife would feel heavy to use. It would be easier to control where the point goes, but this balance is difficult for something used for chopping. Too much weight on the blade will make it feel like a butcher's cleaver, and this may be favorable depending on your preference. I noticed that a comfortable point of balance for chef knives are somewhere near the heel of the knife and sometimes goes a bit farther down the blade depending on the knife's requirements. This makes it heavy enough to cut tough items easily, and light enough to cut things quickly. Ultimately each user has their own personal preference on how the weight is distributed, and I always enjoy the challenge of making each custom knife work exactly the way the user wants it to work!

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